Poker Tournaments

Internet PokerFor the internet poker player, Sundays are the biggest days of the week. This is mainly because the big online poker websites hold their most expensive, big guaranteed tournaments on Sunday. If a player is a tournament grinder, he can find at least 10 tournaments with at least a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool across only the two biggest sites, Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars. Here is a guide about all of the biggest, best and most expensive Sunday Majors across the two biggest online poker sites.

Sunday Warm-up

This is the first Sunday Major of the day, found on Poker Stars. This tournament has a $200+15 buy in and has a guaranteed prize pool of at least $750,000, but it is always bigger after registration has closed. On average, about 4500 players sign up for this tournament. First place takes just over $100,000.

Sunday Brawl

This is the first Sunday Major on every Sunday. This tournament is a bounty tournament with a $240+16 buy in. For every elimination a player makes, he receives $40. The tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $350,000. On average, about 2000 players enter this tournament and first place takes home just under $100,000.

Sunday Million

Probably the most famous of all of the Sunday Majors, this tournament is the biggest. Found on Poker Stars, the Sunday Million tournament now has a guaranteed prize pool of a whopping $1.5 Million. The buy in is $200+15 and field size is typically around 8000 players. First place usually brings home about $225,000. It is every online poker player’s dream to win the Sunday Million.

$750K Guaranteed

This tournament is Full Tilt’s biggest Sunday Major. With a prize pool of $750,000, first place gets about $135,000. The field for this tournament is usually about 4000 players and is very similar to the Sunday Warm Up on Poker Stars.

Sunday Mulligan

This Sunday Major was made for players who bust out of the bigger Sunday Majors early, thus the name Mulligan. This tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $200,000 but usually attracts around 1400 players, making it much bigger. The buy in is $200+16 with first place getting around $55,000.

Sunday Second Chance

This is PokerStars version of the Sunday Mulligan. The buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools are the same. The only difference is that more players enter the Sunday Second Chance, with the field being around 2000 players.


There are three of these big rebuys on Sunday, two on PokerStars and one on Full Tilt. Poker Stars hosts the $100 and $200 rebuy tournaments with Full Tilt having the $150 rebuy. Each has a guaranteed prize pool of at least $100,000 and attracts around 500 players each.

Satellite tournaments and sit and gos are available throughout the week for each of the big cash tournaments listed above. Players can either buy in directly or satellite their way in.